Best Team in pokemon go

Yes, I am serious. Many blogs beat around the bush but I am going to get a chainsaw and annihilate that bush. I am sorry bush!

So here are our contestants.

Team Mystic
Team Valor
Team Instinct

To truly tell who is the best I won't be using opinion. I will be using information. Let's analyze the contestants.

But before that please remember that it's your faith that counts, if you believe that your team is the best then your team is the best.

I will be judging them on these key subjects. Number of gyms ruled, strongest fighters, strongest defenders, how easy it is to place your pokemon to defend there.

Now lets analyze,
First up is,

Team Mystic

Team Mystic

Team mystic is led by Blanche, Blanche uses science to study pokemon. Blanche is very serious towards her study and she focuses on evolution. Mystic has the highest number of players because of three key reasons. Number 1, the color. Blue is the most popular color in the world.

It has been proven that if you were to choose between several items each being the same thing but in different colors you will most likely pick your favorite color.

Next is her target, many people like evolution and see mystic as a way to express that. It should even be noted that even with the highest number of members few of them talk about mystic on social media despite their love for their team.

Those who play with team mystic are usually players who just realize their outside and decide to play. They usually play with groups and talk to their friends about how hard it was tracking down a pokemon, and  they don't take the game too seriously.

They usually use strategy and dodge a lot while battling, considering type, and hp, before thinking about cp they can really change the game.

Because of their high numbers gyms, are stocked with beefy defenders like the infamous brick wall blissey, meanwhile at the bottom you might even see a 500 cp pokemon.

They can get really worked up about the game and at full force they are unstoppable.

This evolution revolution keeps trying and adapting, with their large numbers no gym can stand a chance. They constantly try and try again.

Their secret is adaption. They learn through their failure. They lose, 'evolve', and try again. They see what they did wrong and easily adapt. That's why they use, knowledge, wisdom, and evolution.

When they see a gym they do their best to try and defend it.

Finally is the fact that team mystic represents science which attracted many pokemon geeks and nerds.

Team mystic just made people feel smart and calm.

What is cold may never freeze.

Next up is Team Valor,

Team Valor

Image result for team valor wallpaper

Team Valor members are die hard players with nothing to stop their passion for the game. They have pure punching power which they use in conquering gyms.

They don't care about strategy or type they just keep playing to win. They have a fire burning deep in their soul.

They are those players that are willing to jump of a bus to catch a tyranitar. They never give up and they can stay awake all night playing, while the gyms are least active.

They battle, and battle, and battle. They let that rage and anger they have been building up be released in a flurry of taps attacking a gym.

They are also known to have fast reflexes knowing exactly when to dodge an incoming attack.

They are a brute force on the battlefield competitively pounding away pokemon.

They don't care about strategy they care about winning.

They are commonly seen on social media supporting their team to the core.

They are actually usually fun people that are nice and pull some friendly jokes every once in awhile. Though if you like your teeth in your mouth don't attempt to argue with them. They can be very impulsive and 'hot' tempered (No pun intended) (Who am I kidding, pun intended!)

These unstoppable fighting machines can go on pokemon go pokestop runs, gym challenges, twelve team valor members even went skydiving hoping to find flying type.

They caught a Pidgeot, but come on! Five of them even let go of their phones. That's just to show that they will do anything.

As you may know pokemon go has reduced significantly in players and only ten percent are from team valor.

This blazing flame will take down any force that comes its way.

They just have one thing to drive them forward. Their passion! They are the fire in the darkness, the red will never die! Though roughly twenty two percent of their members died from not watching the road.

In the darkest night they are the flame

Finally, Team Instinct

Team Instinct

Team Instinct Wallpapers Widescreen

Team instinct members well, some of them, are uncommitted. A lot of players only joined because of how they think they are 'lit' and cool.

They now thought yo bros I am team instinct, I am going wild.

Team instinct just stood to socially appealing to a lot of people, once pokemon go was no longer the hype thing many team instinct members left.

The problem was the message, do what you want be free, follow your instincts. The team leader Spark made it more socially appealing by having an awesome name, and looking super cool.

Members just felt like all my friends will be like that's legit. Or they will just dab or something. Even though they might not admit it but seriously, look at yourself. You find everything lit.

Before I just start listing everything wrong with the current generation, Team instinct members just bailed on the team once the hype was up.

They then went back to snapchat and, they were unfaithful and uncommitted. Their betrayal still hurts.

Another reason is because of the type, come on tell me that you didn't think of pikachu when you first saw team instinct.

Thanks to pikachu, team instinct got players that were actually committed. Well some of em.

Team instinct members aren't all that good at battling. Main reason is they lack high cp pokemon. Though there a few tough trainers here and there, most of them just see pokemon go on a phone.

Click it, play for ten minutes, catch a new pokemon, dab, continue with what they were doing. Team instinct still does have a lot of players who are committed and powerful.

Zapdos also does look super awesome which tempted even me to choose it. (I resisted the temptation).

Finally the moment you have been waiting for,
The best team in pokemon go is,

Team Mystic!!!

A round of applause to the blues. Because of their high numbers, and keen battling they are number one! Now a speech from the team leader Blanche.
Image result for team mystic speech
Well done mystic, well done.
Thanks for reading, bye!

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