Adventure Time

First of all, that was not a reference to the T.V series Adventure Time. The title is about woohoo!
Another event! But before I continue I would like you to know that me and a couple of my friends are making a YouTube channel named "BlueCammo" it's not yet ready but the YouTube channel is setup and all that remains is to post a video.

Without further ado, introducing Pokemon Go's very own. Adventure Week!

So many stuff are happening right now! So grab your boots, bag, snacks, and water and go out and adventure.

Now the good stuff, all that is going to happen, keep in mind  adventure week starts from  May 18 to May 25, 2017. It's a week long event. Unlike the grass event that lasted a few days.

So to get that sweet sweet pokeball stack pokestops now give more items, and are half off in the store.

As someone who lives in a Pokestop free environment and I have to go about six kilometers to get a few pokeballs, now the journey will be worth it.

I love pokeballs they are straight up the bomb. You know what else is the bomb. That voltorb that is right behind you.

Next is apparently your lil buddy is in the adventuring spirit, well my slowbro isn't a lil buddy cause it's basically my avatar's height. So now your buddy gets candy four times as fast! Awesome right, a hop, skip, and a jump and boom! Candy.

Hopefully slowbro doesn't get sick because he's gonna get a candy overflow!

Next is the rock pokemon thing, now rock types are gonna be appearing more. Including Aerodactyl, finally is the last and the least, There will be an adventure hat in the wardrobe. Yay (sarcastic voice).

Like a good blogger I will list all the rock type names.
Geodude Graveler Golem Onix Rhyhorn Rhydon Omanyte Omastar Kabuto Kabutops Aerodactyl Sudowoodo Shuckle Magcargo Corosola Larvitar Pupitar Tyranitar.

Wait a second! Sudowoodo is a rock type! I thought he was like grass since, well, He looks like a tree! Why is it pokemon logic always proves me wrong☹ That was the same way I thought charizard was a dragon!

So tyranitar, Awesome!, I mean, like WOW, tyranitar the pseudo legendary. I heard a guy's tyranitar took down three blissey's in a row. Impressive. So now that we know tyranitar is gonna be at the party it's officially a BIG DEAL.

We know that this unlike the grass event is like the halloween event, an official, standard, pokemon go event. Which means that from the February shiny magikarp event and a rock May event, and an April egg event. Based on my calculations, the next major event will be;

The next event is this summer. So many possibilities! That is pokemon go's anniversary and they might do something big and beautiful!

Reading deeper into this, I view this as a moment of desperation in niantic. A lot of users are gone, I have dropped in visitors, the daily login amount has decreased, and, and, and, let me not get ahead of myself.

So we know niantic will be releasing a new event every month, and after the grass event I have been able to find an accurate grouping.

Micro events -  They just dish this out into the game for short bursts of players. They are quite small and are usually viewed as lame. Like the grass event.

Mini events - They are events that add bonuses like the adventure week right now. Nothing to big or too small.

Medium - They include events that are bringing in new game mechanics. They are usually to test the user's reaction. Like the shiny magikarp or the baby pokemon last christmas.

Mega events - The biggest, the baddest, the best of the best. MEGA!!! They use a wide release of new mechanics. The only one ever  realeased was the major gen 2 release. They are down right AWESOME, COOL, LIT. More are coming like trading or PvP but we have to wait and see.

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