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Pokemon go wearable

This post will be all about wearables for pokemon go. This post will be quite long, so  if you need to use the bathroom now is the time to do so.
Ok, we are starting off with the first and the original pokemon go wearable, the pokemon go plus!
The pokemon go plus is the first wearable that was available to the public. With a starting price of 34.99 dollars it has risen quite sharply to about 60 dollars right now but at a point it was over a hundred. It ran out of stock faster than a trip to the mall. It was one of the fastest selling items I have ever seen, with bids on Ebay as high as 200 dollars the pokemon go plus packs a giant punch. Though it isn't that useful for catching for you can only throw one normal pokeball at a pokemon, so if you really want to catch you are gonna need your phone. It's more useful for pokestops and eggs for to me that is it's home territory, and with its wireless low battery bluetooth connection you're battery life stays fresh.
Next of it…

Something big is coming

You may or may not have noticed that the servers are down. Well, here is where the good part comes in, two words : MAJOR UPDATE
Whenever the servers are down it indicates niantic is working on the system, and since they have been down for quite a while they are cooking up a scheme. There have also been noticeable nest migrations with signs of more coming. The sliph road has also found patch notes of  a big suprise coming up. After it all being put together it all means one thing
GEN 2 If there are lots of nest changes, it could be to make space for new pokemon, and because of the nintendo switch, nintendo will want something big. Really big.

Catching in Korea

Koreans rejoice as pokemon go rolls into the app store. The Chinese weren't able to get in with catching monsters because of security issues, the Koreans too were worried about that but I guess they thought  'Let's give it a try'. The pokemon company is situated in Japan, having that in mind it obviously wants its neighboring countries to get in on the fun. When the Gaming analyst Jack Kent said: "South Korea is one of the world's most lucrative mobile games markets, so should be a big boost for the game." he wasn't kidding. South Korea is one of the biggest global market, expanding its reach every second.
Since Pokemon Go came into existence there has been an estimated 500 million downloads, with 80 million players dropping out. The pokemon company is running out of ideas for updates because fans are getting impatient.
The exercise impact was short lived and the game has gotten several players annoyed. They released baby pokemon, players weren't…

China says no to pokemon go

The hit mobile game pokemon go is quickly expanding to new regions. Though China decides it is better to say no to pokemon go
Pokemon go has harboured many accidents. Thieves have even used the game to their advantage. With a country as large as China, it makes sense not to allow thousands of people get hit by cars just 'cause' of a snorlax. The chinese society is even angry about such a decision unknowing that it's for their wellbeing.

Triple Dex

Having trouble taking over gyms. That Vaporeon keeps defeating you. Triple Dex will show you which pokemon is strong against other pokemon. It also gives you other useful info.
Triple Dex symbol

Let's say you have an 800 cp pinsir, great job by the way, you still can't capture gyms? Triple Dex will tell you if that 500 cp Golduck will be a better choice.
I found out my 950 cp slowbro should be just to weaken the early pokemon, my 758 aerodactyl should be an endgame fighter. Triple Dex let me know this but now it's your turn to learn.

How to catch any pokemon you want

Catching a pokemon is hard enough, catching a specific pokemon is even harder. But you have been dying for that onix. I can tell you a way to increase your chances of finding any pokemon you want.
It all has to do with habitats. A pokemon habitat is a place where a pokemon type resides.
Normal type: Everywhere Fire type: residential areas, neighbourhoods, desserts. Water type: rivers, streams, lakes. Grass type: parks, forest, golf course, gardens. Bug Type: grassy areas, zoos, nature reserves. Rock type: parking lots, mountains, rocky areas, train stations. Ground type: playgrounds, parking garages, muddy areas, urban areas. electric type: industrial areas, colleges, campus, banks. Fighting type: sport centers, stadiums, actual and virtual gyms. Poison type: sewage areas, marshes, lakes, swamps. Fairy type: churches, cemeteries.  Flying type: farmlands, nature reserves, grassy areas. Ice type: near bodies of water, swimming pools, beaches. Psychic type: residential areas(at night), h…

Pokemon Go 2017

Many people are asking this question, what does pokemon go have in store for 2017. It's users have notably dropped since its early days and 2017 doesn't look promising but with what niantic has planned for 2017 the future is looking bright.
1.  Pokémon Trading There have been many speculations about this particular feature. How it will work is that you connect with a friend via bluetooth and trade pokemon, pokeballs, revives, and so much more. You can even send gifts and link accounts. 2. Attack Notifications You will receive a notification when your defending pokemon is being attacked.
3. Advanced battling mechanics
Gym battling will be a lot more than just tapping and swiping. A popular theory is that you will be saying the command for your pokemon to attack, for instance you can say electro ball for your pikachu to do the electro ball attack.
4. Real Time Battling If you are playing pokemon go while your defending pokemon is being attacked you can be the one fighting instead of a c…

Making the most of the holiday promo

The pokemon go new years event goes live! It offers a variety of new features that have been previously announced by niantic. That information was giving on the official niantic pokemon go website.  Obviously niantic is doing this to keep some old players back in the game. But still lets make the most of it, it is 2017 after all!

Making the most of the holidays
Walk, a lot. 

The only way you can hatch the gen 2 or catch the starters is by walking. Niantic has secured the game so much cheats or third party apps no longer work so don't even think about it. Just get those sneakers and get moving.
2. Indoor Pokestop Break
Taking a break from all the running while getting away from that winter cold, also stocking up on the pokeballs to catch the starters while also getting gen 2 eggs.
3. Pokémon Habitats
Every pokemon has a specific place where it resides, water pokemon live in rivers, Grass pokemon live in parks, Fire pokemon live in ....…