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Promo Codes

Hey viewers, you know me, bringing you the latest news. Sadly this time it is the latest as in I am late. I never found out but ever since May 2. There have been promo codes in the game.
I don't mean in data mines, they have already been implemented. That's right you can go down and get a promo code, to get some free stuff.... Wait, no codes have been released. There are currently no available promo codes.
Another downside is that for now it is Android only. That's because of legal issues with Apple. Though I suspect Apple users will be able to redeem promo codes online.
To get to the promo code section go to the store and scroll to the bottom.
"Pokémon GO occasionally offers promotional codes through our partnerships and special events. Promo codes can be used to redeem items such as Poké Balls, Lure Modules, Lucky Eggs, and more." That's what the pokemon company said.
There is a high probability that what's gonna happen is, you buy something at McDonald…

Adventure Time

First of all, that was not a reference to the T.V series Adventure Time. The title is about woohoo!
Another event! But before I continue I would like you to know that me and a couple of my friends are making a YouTube channel named "BlueCammo" it's not yet ready but the YouTube channel is setup and all that remains is to post a video.

Without further ado, introducing Pokemon Go's very own. Adventure Week!

So many stuff are happening right now! So grab your boots, bag, snacks, and water and go out and adventure.

Now the good stuff, all that is going to happen, keep in mind  adventure week starts from  May 18 to May 25, 2017. It's a week long event. Unlike the grass event that lasted a few days.

So to get that sweet sweet pokeball stack pokestops now give more items, and are half off in the store.

As someone who lives in a Pokestop free environment and I have to go about six kilometers to get a few pokeballs, now the journey will be worth it.

I love pokeballs they …

Best Team in pokemon go

Yes, I am serious. Many blogs beat around the bush but I am going to get a chainsaw and annihilate that bush. I am sorry bush!

So here are our contestants.

Team Mystic
Team Valor
Team Instinct

To truly tell who is the best I won't be using opinion. I will be using information. Let's analyze the contestants.

But before that please remember that it's your faith that counts, if you believe that your team is the best then your team is the best.

I will be judging them on these key subjects. Number of gyms ruled, strongest fighters, strongest defenders, how easy it is to place your pokemon to defend there.

Now lets analyze,
First up is,
Team Mystic

Team mystic is led by Blanche, Blanche uses science to study pokemon. Blanche is very serious towards her study and she focuses on evolution. Mystic has the highest number of players because of three key reasons. Number 1, the color. Blue is the most popular color in the world.

It has been proven that if you were to choose between sev…

Blooming Bonanza

Grass type event. Well it is spring. I saw it coming, did you? Ok I lied i never saw anything coming but there could be more to this. We know that there are are monthly events but why now. Making an event this early means players will get bored longer.

It's illogical. It makes no sense, like trying to lick your elbow. Please don't try it, I went on a three hour elbow licking marathon. Let's just say I never licked my elbow.

So pokemon go obviously needs its players back, otherwise it shall turn into a fad that will soon get an e. It will fade.

If it fades away I will have to close the blog and and and... I am overreacting here. Back to the point, it needs something new, something inspiring something to get that groove. So far it's been having mini events and a few major events like gen 2 and stuff.

Mini events were like the magikarp shiny event and now micro events. Micro events don't add new game play. They are just brief intervals for fun. So that might hint at m…

Spoofer block and how to get past it

Sorry I'm late, I got an aggressive schedule. I have been working on an amazing side project. Its a secret.

Pokemon go as we all know is constantly being hacked. You may be a hacker, I may be a hacker. I assure you i'm not a hacker. I kinda take that stuff offensive cause I have to be playing fair and square while someone moves a joystick.

So spoofers everywhere got well, banned. I know a guy who hacks i'll ask him to see if he's banned. You didn't here this from me but I hope he is banned.

Since a lot has happened I am going to make this section quite short. So spoofers have gotten a huge hit. Niantic closed down a bunch of third party apps and updated the security making it even harder to access the game's files.

This was because of the extremely high number of cheaters that are playing. I estimated forty percent of all players are currently cheating, and another twenty percent have cheats every once in a while or has cheated before.

Come on, hacking is in my…