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Magikarp's time to shine

There is now a pokemon go water festival and too me they chose bad timing. Well does this sound like a good idea, you just finished freezing from winter and they just out of nowhere said go get a magikarp inside your pool it's shiny!

 Hold up, magikarp is shiny! Yep, shinnies are now in pokemon go. Shiny bulbasaur , shiny squirtle, shiny wait a second! It's just magikarp.

The only pokemon that's shiny is magikarp. Does that make shinnies good or bad? The answer good, u know why? 'Cause' of shiny, [drum roll] GYARADOS! Yep, we can find shiny gyaradoss, gyarodoses, gyaradi?

Shinnies are cool but their only use is telling your friend look my magikarp is golden!, thought that's still awesome. Magikarp is regarded as useless, so i guess this their time to SHINE. Magikarp has constantly  been rejected by players, but ironically everyone is crazy for it's evolved form gyarados.

The best part is, also gyarados(I found out that is both singular and plural) are shiny.

All that has happened so far

Sorry for not blogging, I have been busy. To apologize I will make one giant blog posts about everything that happened while I was gone.
First of all its;
Where is Smeargle and Delibird.
Out of the new gen 2, two pokemon who aren't legendaries aren't in the game yet. The first is smeargle. Smeargle's name comes from smear(to stain or smudge something) and beagle(a type of dog which smeargle is based of). From that you can tell he is a painter. So the reason he isn't out is because he as the move sketch which copies the last move an opponent played. So he could as well be the new ditto. Yep, we got another copycat, Let's get the flamethrower 'cause' we ain't going through that ditto turning into my gyrados and beating me again. Smeargle is probably going to come out on April 15 which is art day. Seeing as how niantic does that a lot it'll make sense. On a second thought that might be what niantic wants me to think so if it does com out on art day I wa…

More new features are coming

We all are excited about  gen 2. The thing is its fading quickly. Why?! Cause of niantic! Remember when the baby pokemon came in, you know how we got bonuses, multipliers, increased odds, a new loading screen art! That was just for 7 pokemon.

Because of how niantic celebrated and gave players more reason to play it took us flying. With 80 new pokemon niantic did nothing. They took a dish gave us our food with no bonuses or tiny umbrella in our drink then they ask for tips.

Imagine giving a baby a spoon of food then that baby smiles, you will want to give him more, but if that baby takes a bowl of food without doing anything you will just be blank. That's what's happening.

With that going on you may wonder what's next? John Hanke has an answer,
A few days ago, Niantic CEO John Hanke gave a speech in Spain where he announced that there would be three major updates for Pokemon GO in 2017, with each of these updates expected to be as large as the recent Gen 2 update.

After hi…