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Co-Op coming

“I hope you are looking forward to this huge event this Summer” Niantic general manager said. Their engineers are working extra hard he said.

Trading, PvP, and raids are among co-op features that are coming. Raids are when multiple players come together to face legendaries and get rewarded for it
Trading and PvP are reportedly coming out this spring and I think those will be awesome ideas. But you know niantic just wants us to come together which I respect.

So don't be suprised if you just see everyone in your neighbourhood staring at their phones cause pokemon go is coming back!

Legendaries might be somewhat unfair but hey that's what makes em legends. Their power!

Though PvP and trading seem to be a better option than trading because of how they are more likely to be used while raids seem to be something that happens every once in a while.

There is also regional discrimination where raids might only happen in places  like the U.S while other regions are left out.

That will be very …

Easter Eggstragavanza (Late)

Sorry I am so late, Hey spending Easter with your family is more important than blogging. So pokemon go had that easter event afterall. I saw that coming.

With recent drops in players they need more events. Come on before you know it there will be a bush event. Where they celebrate bushes. So sad, the bush uprising is coming and we don't even see it.

Anyway, The Easter event offers bonuses such as,

Just two days left, but on the bright side.... Fine there isn't a bright side about being late. So, we'll I hope you aren't mad at me.

Don't worry it won't happen again. Back to the point,
Aerodactyl (usually 10km)DunsparceEevee (usually 5km)Elekid (usually 5km)Girafarig (usually 5km)Grimer (usually 5km)Growlithe (usually 5km)Koffing (usually 5km)Lapras (usually 10km)Lickitung (usually 5km)Magby (usually 5km)Miltank (usually 10km)Onix (usually 5km)Phanphy (usually 5km)Rhyhorn (usually 5km)Scyther (usually 5km)Shellder (usually 5km)Shuckle (usually 5km)Skarmory (usuall…

Leaked info, more features coming

Hi guys, i was just reading blogs here and there,  then I checked silph road and realized there is something I didn't know in the newest update code.

Apparently there are new features coming, most of have to do with gym battling and we know that John Hanke already promised there will be a major gym revamp. So this is probably the beginning.

Based on this more updates to come will most likely contain more gym battling code like this, plus trust me don't go looking for the code it's highly illegal. Don't risk it.

So the new features are actually just new phrases that hint at something big to come, they are so little but the posibilities are so big.

The phrases are,
“(Pokémon name) has fought hard and returned!” “(Pokémon name) lost a battle!” “(Pokémon name) defended the Gym!”
“(Pokémon name) is hungry!” “(Pokémon name) needs a pick-me-up!” “(Pokémon name) wants a berry!”
“There’s a raid about to start near you!” “A raid’s going to start nearby!” Yep, that's a lot of…

Pokemon go faces downfall

Things haven't been so good for pokemon go as it's daily users had dropped from 28.5 million to 5 million. As reported by recode.

I can't believe it, you can't believe it, but yet we still saw it coming. Back in July things were up and awesome, but now things are kinda meh. Well there are a bunch of stuff the game needs.

It's too early for a revamp but the game needs new features. I'm not say it ain't fun I'm just saying the same thing over and over for almost a year.

Niantic  promised to introduce several new features. There are meant to be 3 more stuff. So based on my calculations the next one is coming on either May or June.

Niantic revealed that even with their drop they still have 65 million players per month.

So on behalf of my favourite game please just go to a park or something and whip out your phone.

Cause' I known they haven't been in their A game but minecraft has only 55 million players per month. So come on, they deserve more views…

The Origins

While pokemon go was obviously based on ingress their origins lie deeper. The beginning of pokemon go started with a prank! Yep a little gag, a funny trick. But wait are you saying a million dollars started because of a prank?
Yes that's exactly what i'm telling you.

Many of those who work in niantic are actually people who used to work in Google, because the type of mapping tech google uses will be useful for AR games.

But it wasn't just any prank, it was an April Fool's prank. You see for me blogging on April fool's can be what's the word, oh ya, terrible. Misleading titles, fake posts, and the youtube videos are even worse.

Though youtube videos lie a lot already, I mean haven't you seen those videos where they day watch a full movie meanwhile they just say click the link in the description.

Let's get back to the point, pokemon go is a prank. Need proof, oh whatever I say you won't believe me. I feel so sad!!😣  Wait, will the Google team convinc…