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I am back - Pokemon go summer recap

Hey readers, I am back. well I went on summer vacay and to my surprise. There were no devices and I can't blog from a phone. Plus i needed to get closer to my family. You know how it is.  Plus me and my friends got our YouTube channel up and running. It is on

Time to recap all I have missed.
New Gym System

Prestige has been scrapped and there is a new system known as motivation. If you claim a gym, your pokemon will have a motivation bar. its motivation is directly linked with its CP. So if the pokemon's motivation reduces so does it's cp.

So how does the cp reduce? Simple, an opponent battles your pokemon. And it also drops slightly over time. So let's say you place a 2000 cp gyrados in a gym. He's left alone for two days and his motivation has reduced to 1890. A tyranitar beats him up and his motivation (and cp) becomes 1450. He will then become easier to beat.

Though you can help your team by feeding a pok…